Norway :)



Thanks to my friend, Gerlinda :)


My Lovely cards



This one is one my favorite owl-cards I have :D
and one of the advantages of being a postcrosser from a rare country like Iran, is that no one says no to you. and the owner was selective over who she sends the card to, because she had limited copies of it … so it was like a contest, and as a Scoprio I have a competitor character, so you know! …. it felt nice to get it :)))


This one is also one of my special cards … I love the illustration, the colors, and somehow it shows something close to islamic architecture which is common here.


Thanks to Nina, my Sherlock-fan friend :)

My favorites from France



Hello, Bonjour,

The first card is one of my favorite illustrations of Paris, i LOVE it.
the second is another cute illustration using the Eiffel tower :)
and the third, is the sweet little prince’s french card, saying: “You’ll be unique (the only boy) for me in the world and I’ll be unique (the only fox) for you in the world.”

thanks a lot to my dear friend Ulla :)