Polar bears, Norway



Mama bear in Norway and her two little cute babies :)

Thanks to Gerlinda for the nice card.


Vintage from Canada



“Cherished Notes”

This card has been adapted from an original color Chromo-lithograph postcard. originally printed in Bavaria, Germany circa 1900. Then, as now, friends and loved ones are always happy to find thoughtful notes in their mailbox, from loved ones or cherished friends.



“Art Nouveau delivers a Pilsener”

Art Nouveau was a definable style that emerged from the experiments of painters, architects, craftspeople, and designers which permeated graphic design, magazine and book illustration. This Art Nouveau postcard was designed by Rossotti. This exquisite card was originally printed in Bruxelles by Rycker & Mendel, in gold ink plus seven colors using the Chromo-lithograph printing process. Pilsen is a town in Czechoslovakia, famous for lager beer (Pilsener).

Canada Air mail



The first airmail flight in Canada was from Montreal to Toronto on June 24th 1918.



“The Canada goose”

Magnificent in flight, it is little wonder that Canada Geese are so popular. The first Canadian Postage Stamp to feature a Canada Goose was issued in 1946. It was Canada’s last air mail stamp. Intended to pay the air mail rate, 7 cent and 15 cent stamps, featuring Canada Geese, were similarly issued in blue ink in 1952 and 19363. Among stamp collectors, private air mail stamps are so popular. Some 45 stamps were issued by private air service companies from 1924 to 1932, to pay for private carriage of the mails to Canada’s goldfields. This view card shows the first Canada Goose air mail stamp; and an early aircraft use by Northern Air Service Ltd. to transport both passengers and mails.

My Lovely cards



This one is one my favorite owl-cards I have :D
and one of the advantages of being a postcrosser from a rare country like Iran, is that no one says no to you. and the owner was selective over who she sends the card to, because she had limited copies of it … so it was like a contest, and as a Scoprio I have a competitor character, so you know! …. it felt nice to get it :)))


This one is also one of my special cards … I love the illustration, the colors, and somehow it shows something close to islamic architecture which is common here.


Thanks to Nina, my Sherlock-fan friend :)