Puppet theater, Kiev


Thanks to my dear Kvitka for this beautiful postcard of the academic puppet theater of Kiev, which looks like a fairy-tale house :D
Unfortunately the card was damaed and folded in half, when it arrived, but I tried to heal it a bit, with photoshop, for u guys to see it better.

and, Wikipedia says:

The Kiev Academic Puppet Theater (Ukrainian: Київський державний академічний театр ляльок) is a theater in Kiev in Ukraine. It was founded on October 27, 1927.

Paton Bridge, Keiv


Hello/ вітаю

thanks to Anna:)

Wikipedia says:

Paton Bridge is one of the bridges across the Dnieper in Kiev, Ukraine named after its constructor. Built between 1941 and 1953, is the world’s first all-welded bridge and is also the longest bridge in Kiev having a length of 1,543 metres (5,062 ft). Traffic across the bridge was opened on 5 November 1953. The bridge also acts as a segment of the Small Ring Road of Kiev.

National Bank of Ukraine



This postcard show the National bank of Ukraine, and in the middle we have the walls removed to see the inside view:)
thanks a lot to Kvitka 

Wikipedia says:

National Bank of Ukraine (Ukrainian: Національний банк України) is the central bank of Ukraine. Its headquarters building, constructed between 1902 and 1934, is located at no. 9 Institutska St., in Kiev