Autumn in Japan



Thanks to Torah for this great card.

the card shows the gorgeous autumnal tints around Kogen Hot Spring at Daisetsu-zan.


Ginkakuji Temple, Kyoto



Thanks to Misae for this nice postcard.

Wikipedia says:

Ginkaku-ji (銀閣寺?, lit. “Temple of the Silver Pavilion”), officially named Jishō-ji (慈照寺?, lit. “Temple of Shining Mercy”), is a Zen temple in the Sakyo ward of Kyoto, Japan. It is one of the constructions that represent the Higashiyama Culture of Muromachi period.
Ashikaga Yoshimasa initiated plans for creating a retirement villa and gardens as early as 1460; and after his death, Yoshimasa would arrange for this property to become a Zen temple. The temple is today associated with the Shokoku-ji branch of Rinzai Zen.

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my thanks to Clarissa for this beautiful postcard.

Rinno Temple main building (three Budha images enshrined), is the largest building in the temple compound. The building is 54ft x 36ft, double decked, with its ancient type roof. Rebuilt in 1648. The famous Gohan ceremony (rice eating) is performed in the building.