Hello / Salam سلام

My name is Soode … I’m a proud Persian girl : )
I’m 23 years old and I study art and I enjoy it more than anything else in my life.

about Iran,
I think Media is so biased towards Iran, and they show wrong image of it to people around the world… so as an Iranian, I try my best to show the true side of Iran to the world. Iran is a country with hospitable, kind, caring and peaceful people, the ancient land of Aryans, with pure culture, rich history and extraordinary art and poetry.

about this blog,
Here I upload my received postcards from all over the world.
To me, postcards are not just a piece of paper, they carry a piece of culture or history. and they hold a piece of their sender’s spirit in themselves.

seeing a part of a country, makes us familiar and it can help us bond with each other. even what we do might be small, but, may we be able to spread love :)


9 thoughts on “About

  1. That is so true. Besides the bias, I also get tired of Americans who think Persians are Arabs. They are so different. Great blog you have.

    • well, THANK YOU!!
      I am also tired of explaining to people we’re Persians not Arabs, and explaining the differences.
      but it makes me so glad to meet people like you…gives me hope.

    • thank you very much, I’ve noticed your constant attention towards my blog and that you have been kind enough to read most of my post… you people give me hope to go on :)
      and I’m really honored that you nominated me <3

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