Bonifacio, France


Hello/ bonjour

This card is from Bonifacio.

Bonifacio (Bunifaziu in Corsican) is a commune at the southern tip of the island of Corsica, in the Corse-du-Sud department of France. Its inhabitants are called Bonifaciens, feminine Bonifaciennes. The commune in this case is identical to the canton and is the largest commune of Corsica.

Bonifacio is the setting of Guy de Maupassant’s short story, Vendetta.

thanks to my dearest Nina who sent it to me :)


2 thoughts on “Bonifacio, France

  1. I have enjoyed the post cards. However, it is clear that there is much more of France for you to explore. :) Have you visited the Millau Viaduct? It is stunning. Then there is the Route de Cathar which winds through my village. Bring your camera and you won’t be sorry. Paris is amazing. Yet there is so much to France that most never discover.
    Thanks for stopping by one of my blogs. I am glad you enjoyed the post.

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